Our attorneys have stellar credentials and experience, often joining Meland Budwick from some of the most prestigious firms in the country.

Gil Ben Ezra

Gil Ben-Ezra

Alexander E. Brody

Michael Budwick

Michael S. Budwick

Marianne Callaos

Marianne C. Callaos

Joshua Dobin

Joshua W. Dobin

Emily Ebner

Emily Ebner

Solomon Genet

Solomon B. Genet

Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel N. Gonzalez

Gabriel Groisman

Gabriel Groisman

Utibe Ikpe

Utibe I. Ikpe

Mark Meland

Mark S. Meland

James Moon

James C. Moon

Meaghan Murphy

Meaghan Murphy

Eric Ostroff

Eric Ostroff

Kevin Paule

Kevin C. Paule

Bryan Vega

Bryan N. Vega